Microblading, offered at Hello Beautiful Day Spa & Laser Center, is a sophisticated technique to augment your eyebrows that mirrors the permanence of makeup. However, it produces even more polished and lifelike outcomes. The distinctive aspect lies in the new brow’s application via delicate, brief strokes using a tool resembling a brush. This tool features tiny needles as sharp as razors on its tip that are immersed in semi-permanent color.

The augmentation endures up to three years with an essential touch-up required within 12 – 18 months to rejuvenate the gradually fading pigment. Minor side effects accompany this procedure at our Hello Beautiful Day Spa & Laser Center, and we ensure the area is adequately numbed before applying the color. Your brow area will be slightly swollen and red for a few days, and the color will be darker than expected for the first two weeks until it settles in and softens to a more natural shade.