Before starting the therapy sessions, it is crucial to stop using any anti-aging or acne treatment products at least five days prior. This will ensure that your skin is in its best condition for the treatment.

In addition, it is highly recommended to avoid prolonged sun exposure for at least one week before your appointment and three weeks after the treatment. This will help protect your skin and optimize the results of the SkinPen® therapy.

Another important tip is to refrain from waxing a week before your session. Waxing removes a layer of skin cells, which can increase the chances of adverse reactions during the treatment. To ensure optimal safety and effectiveness, it’s best to arrive at our clinic with minimal or no makeup on.

At Hello Beautiful Day Spa & Laser Center in La Grange, TX, we strive to provide top-notch skincare treatments that deliver exceptional results. By following these guidelines, you can better prepare yourself for SkinPen® treatments and maximize their benefits.